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" I had quite an unfortunate slab leak at my house, and George and his team at 汤普森 & 汤普森在帮我解决抽烟的问题上真是天才! 如果你需要任何管道工作,我强烈推荐这个团队. George was incredibly knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to make sure the job was done right. 我非常感激!"
" The 5 star review of 217 reviews of this company speak for themselves but this morning Mr. Allen 戴维斯 came by to give me an estimate on a water pressure booster I thought I needed. 而不是 of costing me a ton of money he showed me that my water pressure was turned down and adjusted it for me and was on his way. 优质的服务,绝对会再次使用汤普生和汤普生先生. 戴维斯.""
" 我的公司雇用了汤普森 & 汤普生几次做各种各样的工作. 最近,亚美体育APP下载雇他们来更换化粪池系统的泵. 安装有一些复杂的地方,所以他们不得不回来. They took care of the initial issue to make everything right - and Scott 汤普森 (the owner) personally came out to ensure it got taken care of properly. I've worked with Scott on a number of things in the past and he is an ethical professional who wants to ensure customer satisfaction. 我绝对推荐这家公司.""


下水道或排水管的堵塞可能是一个有压力的(有时甚至是发臭的)问题. 这也不是开玩笑. 下水道堵塞会给你和你的家人带来健康问题, 在某些情况下, 它还会造成财产损失. It may not seem urgent now – you may be under the impression that you just live with a slow drain – but over time the problem will only get worse. 在汤普森 & 汤普森亚美体育APP下载提供专业的下水道清洁服务.


Cabling or snaking a drain might be the first line of defense against a blocked sink. 很长一段, flexible metal coil can be inserted into drain pipes and spun at high speeds to remove obstructions like hair and other 碎片. 有些人认为你可以在任何下水道,厕所,淋浴,任何地方爬行. 但事实并非如此. 最好找个专业人士,第一次就把事情做好. 从长远来看,这样会省钱. 在汤普森 & 汤普森,亚美体育APP下载知道处理不同的排水管需要不同的技术. 亚美体育APP下载可以蛇:

  • 厕所
  • 浴缸
  • 淋浴
  • 洗衣机排水管
  • 厨房的下水道
  • 主线下水道
  • 和更多的……

重要的是要记住,一个人在排水沟中蜿蜒前行是很危险的. It’s always better to call a licensed plumber who can assess and diagnose with precision, 精度, 和安全.

堵塞下水道? 汤普森称 & 汤普生服务集团现在为专业的下水道清洗萨凡纳加! (912) 549-1521


不加治疗的缓慢引流只会让情况变得更糟. The old plumber’s saying goes “Just because it goes down the drain doesn’t mean it’s gone”, 这是真的. Your pipes can jam up and hold a lot of 碎片 that can slow your water flow terribly.

Store bought chemical solutions don’t work and they are horrible for the environment. 更糟糕的是,它们会导致有毒气体甚至爆炸.


这是一个大多数企业主都希望避免的噩梦:总有一天, 经过多年的使用, 管道被灰尘堵塞得很厉害, 碎片, 沉淀物会让它们停止工作. 室内管道变得无用, 排水系统逐渐停止, 如果不迅速处理,就会造成严重的损害. While this nightmare scenario isn’t exactly common among even the largest businesses and commercial facilities, 这仍然是需要计划的事情. Today’s business owners should familiarize themselves with the concept of commercial high-pressure water jetting Savannah GA and make a plan to use that service in the event of a serious clog.


We like to tell our clients that high-pressure water jetting is like a heavy-duty power wash for their pipes. 当亚美体育APP下载接到一个企业主的电话, who is typically in a state of panic about their clogged pipes and the serious nature of the problem, 亚美体育APP下载派了一辆喷气真空空调卡车去现场处理这个问题. 这些卡车很大,发动机马力很大, 能在很高的压力下爆破水, 穿过堵塞的管道.

高压水喷射过程的工作原理就像一台强力洗衣机, 那里的水是高压的,用来炸土, 油漆, 和其他远离固体表面的物质. 在水被炸穿管道之后, the clog is almost always cleared away and the drainage system works as if it were practically a brand new installation.


当堵塞发生时,亚美体育APP下载的客户想知道一些重要的细节. 首先,他们通常想知道修复需要多长时间. 他们还想知道成本是多少,收益是多少. 让亚美体育APP下载回顾一下时间线, 效率, and benefits of hydro jetting so that this procedure makes a bit more sense in a pinch.

首先,也是最重要的, high-pressure water jetting is appreciated as the single most effective way to clear dirt, 沉积物, 和其他类型的堵塞远离管道内部. 没有其他方法比这更有效了, because no other method uses the right combination of fluid and pressure to get rid of the problem-causing sediment. 第二个, high-pressure water jetting is one of the only methods of clearing away a clog that doesn’t lead to backflow. This is a crucial element of clearing away the clog while creating virtually no mess and creating no other plumbing headaches.

除了这两个主要的好处, a third thing is worth mentioning: high-pressure water jetting can work on pipes of virtually any size. We’re able to adjust our jet-vac system to power through the largest and smallest pipes installed in the commercial environment, which should give business owners peace of mind as they consider whether or not the process is right for them.

此外, 因为这个过程本身是非常有效的, 适应性强的, 和快速, it’s very affordable for even the smallest and most budget-constrained business owners. The fast nature of the procedure cuts down not only on the actual cost of providing the service, 还有完成工作所需的资源和劳动力的数量.


亚美体育APP下载接到一个有关企业老板的电话时, the first thing we do is recommend commercial high-pressure water jetting Savannah GA to solve their clog. 即便如此,亚美体育APP下载也不能想当然地认为管道问题是由于管道堵塞造成的. 而不是, we must first verify that the problem is something we can solve and that high-pressure water jetting is the most appropriate way of solving it. To examine the situation, we use a small video camera that can be inserted into the pipe. 这让亚美体育APP下载可以看到管道深处到底发生了什么.

If our review of the video footage shows that a significant clog is leading to major plumbing issues, then we know it’s time to break out the jet-vac and use the hydraulic system to push a massive jet of high-pressure water through the pipe to break up the clog and return the system to normal. 这个过程很快, but it will still take at least an hour to set up the high-pressure water jetting equipment and properly blast water through the pipes to break up the clog. 与此同时, all indoor plumbing and water access will be turned off so that the procedure can be safe, 及时的, 和有效的.


当涉及到解决管道堵塞和主要的管道问题时, 高压水喷射是一个很好的解决方案. 高压,液压水通过管道驱动可不是闹着玩的. 几分钟之内, 然而, 亚美体育APP下载可以用全新的管道来经营亚美体育APP下载的生意, 无污垢和沉淀物. To see if this just might be what your business needs in the event of a serious plumbing issue, be sure to give us a call today so that we can discuss your needs and our wide array of plumbing service.



Our team will work diligently to provide you with a 100% 满意 job. 从第一次呼叫到最后一次服务或维修!




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